Prepare for exams, facilitate homework assignments, and review course material with problem sets for basic mathematics topics.
Interactive variants to model problems with detailed solutions allow you to test your comprehension of the relevant techniques.
You can verify your results directly with the check boxes in the PDF-files;
see the Problem Samples for an illustration.
Mathematics lexica with brief descriptions of theorems, methods, and definitions supplement the problem sets.

Problems and Solutions for

The problem sets are partially translated from the three volumes ( Band 1 , Band 2 , Band 3 ) of

Aufgaben und Lösungen zur Höheren Mathematik, 4. Auflage

by Klaus Höllig and Jörg Hörner (© Springer-Verlag GmbH 2023).
They will be continuously updated, eventually including also the topics Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus.

Some Amusing Anecdotes

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